Saturday, February 11, 2012

WMWR: Hascher/Dorman win 2012 Waste Management Winter Rally

After four stages, Peter Hascher, Akron, Ohio, and co-driver Grzegorz Dorman, Sosnoweic, Poland, won the 2012 Waste Management Winter Rally, held in Antrim, Penn., today.

Running an Open-class 1995 Subaru Impreza STI, the team won in 1:01:22.

Finishing second, Brian Penza, of Dublin, Ohio, and Nels Salmons, of Columbus, Ohio, were just over 11 minutes behind the leaders in overall time in a Production 2008 Honda Civic Si.

Loosing the battle for their second-place position were Russell Norton, Ithaca, N.Y., and Philip Barnes, Middlebury Center, Penn., in a Group 5 2002 Ford Focus SVT. They finished only nine seconds behind Penza and Salmons.

Three teams did not finish, all experiencing mechanical difficulty on the first stage. Results are available on

Rally volunteer Jeremy Keck said he had a good time.

"Kinda sad we lost half the field in the first stage," Keck wrote on the STPR Facebook Page, "It was still a good race. We definitely need more competitors but everyone I met was so nice."

He said the conditions were anything but favorable with "soupy mud," ice, snow, gravel.

"Not to mention the huge rocks and potholes," Keck added, " Oh, and frozen ruts."

Keck wrote he's coming back as a volunteer for STPR in June.


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-- MaryAnne Shults, your remote correspondent in [ warm & sunny ] California and the Organizing Committee