Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Summit Rally Team raising eyebrows in the USA

Australia’s Summit Innovations Rally Team are raising eyebrows in the U.S. ahead of their four-event program with a two-car Nissan Silvia team. 

Drivers Will Orders and Ross Allan have just shipped their Nissans to the U.S. for their first foray into the American rally scene, and the locals are taking notice.

The Summit Innovations Rally team prepares its rally cars in
its shop in the outskirts of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Orders has already been interviewed on motor sport radio programs in the U.S., and followers of the Summit Innovations Rally Team have noticed an increase in Facebook and forum discussions over the past few weeks.

“Our entry into the American events is about further promoting Summit Innovations as we move into the competitive US market,” Summit’s Hilary Evans said. “We see an entry in the Rally America series as a great way of promoting the business, and so far it’s working very well.”

Rally America regulars are excitedly awaiting the arrival of the team’s Nissan, with forum postings marvelling at the commitment and preparation of the team.

“These guys are serious,” one contributor to the www.specialstage.com website said. “You don't ship two cars, 100 tires and a whole team of people - PR staff, support crew, etc. - over to the USA from Australia to play for second place.

“Love it when new teams with a well sorted non-traditional rally car shows up,” he continued. “These Nissan Silvias are certainly that as this version of the Silvia, once known here as the 240SX, was never sold in North America.”

The team’s first event in the USA will be the Oregon Trail Rally from May 4-6, followed by the Susquenhannock Trail Rally and the New England Forest Rally. Orders will also contest the famous Pikes Peak Hillclimb.

For further information on the team, go to www.summitrally.com.au, or visit their Facebook page.

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