Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saturday Press Notes (evening)

Waste Management Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally Press Notes
9:00 p.m.

  • From the field we heard Will Orders is done, after dealing with engine problems this afternoon. This allows Chris Duplessis to take the lead in the 2WD class going into the final stages.

  • The cars are now out on the last stages, the Dirt Excavating Super Special Stage here at the Tioga County Fairgrounds.

  • After 14 stages, the leaders overall in the Rally America National Championship (as well as the Open class) are L'Estage, Higgins, Urlichich, O'Sullivan and Lagemann.  The top three in Super Production are O'Sullivan, Lagemann and Hanson and in the Two-Wheel-Drive class, Duplessis, Allan and Greenhouse.

  • Results are in for Sherwood Forest Regional Rally, part of the Eastern Regional Rally Championship. Three stages were completed on Friday, June 1, but the next two were cancelled due a major thunderstorm that passed through the area yesterday evening. This morning brought cloudy skies, but no rain for the final three stages.

The top leaders overall are Justin Pritchard, of  Granville, Ohio, with Ryan Scott, of Columbus, Ohio;   Jon Kramer, of Ligonier, Pa., with Jared Lantzy, of Silver Spring, M.D.; Maciej Przybysz, of New Bedford, Mass. with Carrie Wilburn of York, Pa.; Michael O'Leary, of Floral Park, N.Y., with John O'Leary, of Floral Park, N.Y.; Kevin Turner, of Newark, Del. with Matthew Rhoads, of Oxford, Pa.

Class leaders are as follows:

Car number, Driver, Co-driver, Car, Total time


1:  779, Maciej Przybysz (New Bedford, Mass.), Carrie Wilburn (York, Pa.), 2006 Subaru Impreza, 53:28.3
2:  119, Peter Malaszuk (Fairfield, Conn.), Adam Pelc (Middle Village, N.Y.), 2006 Subaru STi, 56:43.0
3:  71, Michelle Laframboise (Picton, Ont.), Dean Hopkins (Mississauga, Ont.), 1998 Mitsubishi Evo IV, 56:45.6

Open Light:

1:  550, Justin Prichard (Granville, Ohio), Ryan Scott (Columbus, Ohio), 2001 Subaru Impreza, 52:12.6
2:  777, Jon Kramer (Ligonier, Pa.), Jared Lantzy (Silver Spring, M.D.), 1995 Subaru Impreza, 53:23.7
3:  636, Samir Kaltak (Cedar Springs, Mich.), Rachelle Kaltak (Cedar Springs, Mich.), 1997 Subaru Impreza, 57:42.8

Super Production:

1:  631, Michael O'Leary (Ligonier, Pa.), John O'Leary (Ligonier, Pa.), 2008 Mitsubishi Evo, 54:55.6
2:  34, Martin Egan, Jarrah Lankas, 2002 Subaru STi, 1:06:35.1

Group 2:

1:  689, Kevin Turner (Newark, Del.), Matthew Rhoads (Oxford, Pa.), 1994 Subaru Impreza, 55:15.9
2:  57, Thierry Menegoz (Ste-Marthe, Qc.), Pascal Belperron (Ipswics, Mass.), 2011 Ford Fiest R2, 55:55.9
3:  244, Ian Topping (Flint, Mich.), Angela Cosner (Springville, Pa.), 1980 Volvo 242, 56:54.8

Group 5:

1:  280, Greg Healey (Wynantkill, N.Y.), Cynthia Krolikowski (Wyandotte, Mich.), 1978 Datsun 280Z, 56:55.9
2:  699, Luke Sorensen (Wycombe, Pa.), Seth Strait (Rutland, Vt.), 1975 Saab 99, 58:41.9
3:  716, Jim Perrin (Kenmore, N.Y.), Lee McElhinny (Buffalo, N.Y.), 1994 Jeep Cherokee, 1:01:33.2


1:  702, Siddarth Sareen (White Plains, N.Y.), Tim Oliver (Wanamassa, N.J.), 2011 Ford Fiesta, 1:02:02.1
2:  573, Paul Martino (Dublin, Ohio), Brian Penza (Dublin, Ohio), 2008 Honda Civic Si, 1:02:17.6
3:  262, Steve Brockelman (Hartland, Wisc.), Dustin Masters (Sussex, Wisc.), 1991 GMC Sonoma, 1:03:43.2