Friday, March 22, 2013

For the best viewing opportunity, be an STPR volunteer

If you want to be up-close to the best in rally action, then volunteer to work STPR® 2013. Be a part of the team that makes this award-winning event happen!

Rally volunteers at Germania
Service at STPR 2011 | G. McCracken
All volunteers are invited to the after-event awards presentation* and receive a souvenir collector pin, subsidized awards dinner and event sticker. Pre-registered volunteers will receive an event T-shirt, hat, pin, bumper sticker, free entry into the Super Special Stage at the Tioga County Fairgrounds both Friday and Saturday and free camping at the fairgrounds.

If your assignment is close to Wellsboro, and time allows, there is a new format for the Parc Exposé at The Green on Friday. This is an excellent opportunity to "meet and greet" with the teams and see their cars.

For a description of the variety of volunteer opportunities, visit our website. We especially need licensed Ham radio operators and people to help marshal at the fairgrounds (not the Service area)—this job allows plenty of time to go out to the forest to spectate.

For the fourth year we will be using RallyMaster Pro for online preregistration. It is important you preregister so we can order enough worker perks, but more importantly, can be secure knowing we have a properly staffed event. Please register and get your friends to register before the event!  If you have a team or a team captain you would like to work with please state it in your preregistration.

  • To help our specialty captains have an easier time assigning positions, please select your PRIMARY job.
  • If you are Medical or Sweep, please select Medical OR Sweep, but not both.  You can also check the Radio box, if you have your Ham license.
  • If you are volunteering for Ham Radio, ONLY check the Radio box, and enter your call sign.
  • If you want to help with other jobs like helping set up or clean up at the fairgrounds, also check those boxes.  You can also put comments in the comment box.  
Visit our website to read brief instructions; from there, you'll find a hotlink to take you to the RallyMaster Pro registration site.

If you have questions, please contact Gary Thomas, our volunteer coordinator.

*The STPR committee will subsidize the cost of the buffet dinner at the awards banquet on Saturday night, so we are asking you to contribute a small amount towards this meal.