Monday, May 27, 2013

Don't leave home without your STPR Spectator Guide...

... Or your sunscreen, lots of water, and bug/fly repellent (those black flies can often be more than annoying). And, if it's going to rain, I've found the best rain gear is a green trash bag with a plastic bag from the grocery store as a rain bonnet/hat.

 As you're packing up your gear, don't forget to download and print out a copy of the Spectator Guide and save yourself the trip from driving into Wellsboro or up to the Fairgrounds.

The Official STPR Guide includes comprehensive spectator information, including all the information you'll need to drive to the spectator locations, as well as competitor bios and more.

The Rally America STPR Spectator Guide is full color and is also available, however it does not include the comprehensive information available in the event's official guide.

Both are Adobe PDF documents... all you need is the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to view and print. Or, store on your smartphone or mobile device and use your favorite app to view.

Want to save the ink and paper... be green! Get your copy at the Wellsboro Area Chamber of Commerce (available now) or at the Tioga County Fairgrounds beginning on Thursday, May 30.