Friday, May 31, 2013

Press Notes: Friday afternoon (May 31, 2013)

  • 54 cars started the 37th running of the Waste Management Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally, leaving the Wellsboro Green starting at 2:01pm Eastern time. The local temperature was above 90 degrees F and above 85 percent humidity. An occasional breeze was present, but not much relief. The start of the first of three Waste Management stages started off badly for the #236 Mitsubishi Evo 10 of Rifat Sungkar (Indonesia)/Marshall Clarke (Northern Ireland) broke a differential at the start of stage #1. Rifat reports that the team will make the appropriate fixes overnight, and re-enter the rally tomorrow. Also, #40 Gary Donoghue (Bronx, NY)/David Dooley (Bronx, NY) is out of the rally, and safety sweep pulled him off to a side road where his crew picked him up. All drivers are okay.
  •  At the start of stage #2, #348 John Concha (Philadelphia)/Santiago Alban (Ecuador) Ford Fiesta broke at the start of stage, and did not start the stage. Field reports said it looked like a broken control arm.
  •  #75 David Higgins (Isle of Man, UK)/Craig Drew (Bristol, UK) Subaru Impreza WRX STI – the rally leaders and the season points leaders -pulled off to the side of the road on stage #3 and removed one of its tires, reported to try to fix a broken tie rod. As the back part of the field finishes stage #3, Higgins/Drew remain on the side of the road. A preliminary calculation of penalties because of the breakdown should put the car 16 minutes down to the leader (if negotiations with Rally America go well).
  • Cars are beginning to arrive at the Fairgrounds after completing stage #3, and we will have some partial results shortly. Because of some technical issues, results are not coming in after each stage – we will get some partial results, followed by the complete results for stages one – three. The Super Special Stages start at the Fairgrounds at 6:41 PM – an hour from now.