Friday, May 31, 2013

Press Notes: Friday morning (May 31, 2013)

  • Traditionally, the “shakedown/practice/media” stage on Thursday afternoon is a four-hour chance for all the competitors to get the kinks out of their race cars before the start of the event.  Usually, a combination of mechanical problems and an off-road excursion or two means crews are working into the night to fix their entries before today’s 2:01PM start from the Wellsboro Green.  But yesterday, competitors ran the Rattler stage on the Waste Management property, and made a total of 129 passes without a single incident, mechanical or otherwise.  Although no formal records are kept on the subject, it was the opinion of most observers that this was a record by a long shot.
  • STPR has never treated the FY Racing team very well.  Adam Yeoman and Jordan Schulze, driver and co-driver of the #425 car, have DNF'd both times they have attempted to complete the event, with the most recent attempt resulting in a serious crash.

    “Our crash last year was definitely an eye-opener about how dangerous this sport really is.  We were extremely lucky to walk away with only a few scratches and a concussion” said Adam Yeoman, from Hancock, Mich., owner and driver of the FY Racing Subaru.  “We’re not just looking to finish this race this year but I’m going to do everything I can to be on that podium.”
  • The car gets an update for this event with a new livery that lends itself to a cleaner aesthetic.  The look was inspired by cup racing cars from the 1970’s. Hancock/Schulze are currently seventh in the overall point standings after three events, with their best finish a fifth at Sno*Drift.
  • By now, all rally fans have seen the Antoine L’Estage/Nathalie Richard crash that took their Mitsuibishi entry out of Oregon Trail rally earlier this month and put the team out of the running for the season championship.  In case you didn’t see it, the YouTube video complete with Antoine’s commentary on what happened is below.  L’Estage, a popular STPR multiple winner, will be here today at the Green before the start of the race to sign autographs, while Richard has a co-driver assignment with Verena Mei in a 2WD Group 2 Ford Fiesta.

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