Saturday, June 1, 2013

Press notes: Saturday afternoon (June 1, 2013)

There was a large crowd this morning at "The Green" in
Wellsboro for the start of Day 2 of STPR. Photo credit: Tim White
  • 51 cars have arrived in Germania for fuel and service, but not without wear and tear.
  • Car #331, the Jeffrey Reamer/Jeremy Jankowske Subaru STI, went off the road and was towed in by the safety crew on stage #8.  And the points leaders David Higgins/Craig Drew in their #75 Subaru Impreza WRX STI had a close call on stage #6, going off the road on stage #6 at high speed, but they were able to maintain momentum and continue, with some dents on the passenger-side door to show for their efforts. But now we hear that the Subaru factory team is swapping out the gearbox at Germania as well, so Higgins’ headaches continue.
  • At the Green on Saturday morning, net control radio operator Beth Werner, a piano, voice and musical theater teacher from Fairport, N.Y., sang the national anthem, with kids from the local community and members of the Tioga County Special Olympics helping to bear the colors, and wave off the cars.  Assisting the kids were 2013 Laurel Queen Candidate and Miss Wellsboro Beth Pfisterer and 2012 Pennsylvania state Laurel Queen Corrin Binford.  Wellsboro Boy Scout troop #24 was on the Green selling t-shirts, while the annual Wellsboro Rotary Club chicken bbq was underway.
  • Disappointing news for the #425 Adam Yeoman/Jordan Schultz as their car had to be towed to the end of stage #9 after a mechanical problem caused them to be stuck on the stage. Also out of the rally after stage #9 due to mechanical problems are the #101 Joshua Baker/Philip Weary Mazda Protégé.  They have requested that the rally contact their service crew. Also, #777 Jon Kramer/Adam Kimmett Subaru Impreza, which survived a roll-over yesterday, was forced out of the rally today after they spun a bearing and lost their engine.  They retired at Germania after stage #8.
  • Car #773 Markus Saarinen/Jason Gardy Mini Cooper lost a nut from its suspension, and was towed out of stage #9 by sweep. They await their service crew. We are awaiting details on reports for car #11 the Brandenburg/Huntsbarger BMW, also reported off with a mechanical problem on stage #9.