Saturday, June 1, 2013

Press Notes: early Saturday evening (After SS11/June 1, 2013)

  • Car #944 local entry Charles Tameris from Wellsboro, along with co-driver Anthony Zanni, are off to the side of the road at the end of stage #11awaiting a tow intro service after a mechanical problem.
  • We are still waiting for the sanctioning body to post scores, but we understand the lack of an internet connection has hampered their efforts.  However, we know that #43 Ken Block continues to lead the overall event by a substantial margin, with Dave Sterckx leading Super Production and running second overall.  #106 Brendan Reeves continues to lead 2WD, and is running third overall, while #30 George Plsek is fourth overall and second in Open.
  • #716 Jeep  Cherokee of Jim Perrin/Lee McElhinny had to be towed into service after stage #10, and was closed to being time-barred, but is negotiating with the stewards to stay in the rally and absorb the penalty that will be assessed. Same goes for car #11, the Brandenburg/Huntsbarger BMW, which we previously reported out.  Both cars will run the rest of the rally event though they are official DNFs.
  • Rally America has now posted times through stage #11 on their web site – here’s the link:
  • The main piece of information we had been missing is how much time Higgins/Drew have made up on the field in general, and Block/Gelsomino in particular.  The answer is that Higgins/Drew have their Subaru up to eighth place, and are almost 11 minutes behind Block’s Ford Fiesta.  There is probably not enough time for Higgins to catch Block, but there is time for him to move from eighth to at least third or fourth.  He does have to make sure not to push too hard – a DNF at this point would be disasterous.